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Suzhou fruitful Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of mechanical and electrical equipment factory in Suzhou Huada, this is a company specialized in liquid, powder coating equipment clean transportation equipment and automation engineering works of modern hi-tech enterprises. The company into the project planning ﹑ R & D, manufacturing ﹑ installation, service, technology as one whole plant export, the implementation of product development, production, installation, sales, after-sales through-train service. User-oriented to excellence in product
quality, improve the service system, the highest efficiency to meet customer demand. Products are widely used: automotive, motorcycle industry, 3 C industries (mobile phones, computers, household appliances), decorative building materials, sports equipment, wood furniture, construction machinery, lighting, and electronics industries.
As the modern economy, the rapid development of science and technology, we always focused on strengthening the domestic and foreign advanced automation technology and the introduction of reference, the company famous for enterprises relying on the market, by virtue of their technical superiority and has more than chopsticks enterprises to establish a brand name Good relations of cooperation. If Japan's Matsushita Semiconductor Co. Ltd., Taiwan's Foxconn Group, Qingdao Haier Group, BenQ, Suzhou, Germany Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., South Korea's Samsung Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Asustek Computer Co., Ltd., Taiwan's United Group Taiwan can win Technology, Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd., Shanghai and Shanghai Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. ho, the United States LORD Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and other famous enterprises to undertake a number of sets of large-scale painting away automatic transmission equipment and engineering projects, and provided Quality services and technical guidance, Shi Feng Spirit fruitful is willing to carry all my colleagues will be "quality-oriented, to create excellence" principle, and the domestic enterprises to create the trendy.
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